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Sonic Vitamins - Mind Improvement for the 21st Century

How many self-improvement programs possess you bought in the last 6 months?

If you're like most folks, the answer almost certainly is... TOO many!

And I bet, like most folks, you've got a ton of them below the bed... in storage space... or otherwise, out of your reach.


So... why aren't you utilizing these programs every day and savoring the changes you deserve?

The problem is, most folks are addicted to the Transaction of buying... but find it too difficult to commit to a program.

These folks will leap from hypnosis programs... to subliminals... to quantum concept... to positive thinking. These folks will try intense diets... solely to give up and Overindulge weekly or two later.

If this is you— it is not  your fault!

Most programs need hard work. But the top line copy that pushed you to buy them made issues sound SO EASY.

It sucks.

Which's why I'm so thrilled to offer this recommendation.

Basically listen to Sonic Nutritional vitamins' expertly engineered brainwave 'mind shots'... and experience today, easy, lasting improvement...  or get the cash back!

Intended to increase productivity, spike high-performance, and trigger legal highs... this is the type of stuff you
NEED in this fast-paced, high-impact, tense world.

There are no exercises to stick to, no graphs to read, no difficult details to screw up up, no pills to pop, no mustering up the braveness to go outdoors and practice.

This is mind improvement for the twenty first century.

You slide on a set of headphones. Hit play. And experience deep, lasting Alter on a neural level, no matter what the goals are.

Brainwaves and how they impact you
Just about every state of mind has a specific "signature" attached to it. This is represented by your brainwave frequency. (The electrical manner of the brain's activity.)

For example, if you're in a state of deep focus, your brainwaves are most likely to be in the Alpha frequency array of 8-12Hz.

These frequencies can be measured using highly effective scientific tools, like an EEG (electroencephalograph) machine.

The discovery of brainwave entrainment

In the 1950s, scientists discovered a method of changing these brainwave patterns on demand, employing a powerful approach known as "brainwave entrainment."

They recognized which brainwaves "entrain" (or follow) external frequencies.

The trouble was that the individual ear can only hear frequencies of nearly 20Hz to 20,000Hz - while the huge vast majority of useful human brainwave frequencies (ie, very deep focus at 8-12Hz) are in the array of 0.1Hz to 20Hz.

In a word... it works!

You can download them instantly at: Sonic Vitamins

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