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Create Your Own Subliminal CDs

And discover the amazing power of subliminal messaging!

You’ve heard how powerful subliminal messages can be.

Subliminal messaging is a method of sending positive affirmations straight to the subconscious mind. The subconscious uses these commands to instantly begin making exciting, lasting change to your life. It's incredible!

And now YOU can tap into the power of subliminal messages...
What if YOU could create your OWN subliminal CDs?

Sure, it used to be near impossible -- even with a massive studio and team of audio engineers.

These days however, virtually ANYONE with a home PC can create their own powerful subliminal messaging CDs. And with the right tools, you can even incorporate advanced features such as Silent Sound, binaural beats, reverse messaging, stereo confusion and more. EASILY!

WHY would you create your own CDs?

Firstly, personalized subliminal CDs are more effective. You can include commands to address your exact requirements -- and at least you know you can TRUST the content.

Secondly, you might want to setup your own online business. The subliminal CD world is hot at the moment. Could I see a new eBay opportunity awaiting you?

That's why my second recommendation is the ONLY kit available that provides everything you need to get started. Software, royalty-fre'e audio, licenses, the lot!
It's called Subliminal-Studio and you can Create your own Subliminal CDs -- in MINUTES!

Don't settle for mass-produced subliminal CDs...

Target the areas of your life YOU want to change.

With Subliminal Studio, YOU'RE in FULL CONTROL!

Just follow the unique step-by-step process to create as many subliminal CDs as you like.

Find out why some words should NEVER be used in affirmations.

Discover the correct way to save your files -- or they simply WON'T WORK!

Learn the REAL truth about binaural beats -- and how using them correctly will absolutely BLOW YOU AWAY!

Subliminal Studio gives you the option to tackle ANY specific area of your life...

... putting the power firmly in your own hands!

And just look at what you'll get when you order:

  • The CD package containing our exclusive electronic guide "Developing your own Subliminal-Studio"

  • Two-and-a-half hours of New Age music

  • Twenty-two professionally recorded subliminal scripts in MP3 format

  • Three one-hour nature sound recordings

  • Two hours of binaural beat recordings

And more!

You'll also uncover the AMAZING secret history of "Adobe Audition" and how it can help you create subliminal recordings -- this one is REALLY something special!

Want to be able to choose the areas of your life you want to improve -- and then tackle them head on?

Then you NEED a copy of Subliminal Studio!


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