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Increase Your IQ

How to improve your IQ.

People with a higher IQ are not just smarter, they are happier, healthier and wealthier according to the latest social statistics.

So... can you improve your IQ?

For years, it was thought that you were either born with a high IQ - or you weren't.

But the very latest in scientific studies has found that IQ is just another "muscle" - which you can build using specific training techniques.

Not only that, advanced studies have shown that there also special "shortcuts" to building your mental IQ muscle - in the same way that protein and creatine are shortcuts to building physical muscle.

For the1st time ever, the leading techniques for increasing your IQ have all come together - inside a brand new course, called Guaranteed IQ.

For example, a simple lifestyle change tested on a million people, has been shown to boost IQ scores by an average of 14%.  Additionally, the "Image Streaming technique"  boosts your IQ score by one point, for each hour you use it.

Guaranteed IQ is a powerful home-study course, designed to help you increase your intelligence levels up to an IQ score of 140 points or more (140 is genius level) - all by following a several simple exercises. And it is guaranteed!

Guaranteed IQ is packed onto 2 audio CDs, so you won't have to spend hours reading complicated books on neural theory. Simply press the "play" button, and then sit back and follow the material through.

Packed full of easy (and fun) exercises and games, Guaranteed IQ teaches the tricks and techniques uncovered by the latest cutting-edge research into raising your IQ to genius level. You'll learn how to switch on your creative genius, and the simple daily exercises that will leave you miles ahead of the crowd.

This is also a great way to help your children get ahead in school.

Discover these methods -- and more -- by visiting this page:  Guaranteed IQ

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